Wilson Shigeaki Aso — Portrait of a Master Craftsman

This is a short documentary about Shigeaki Also, the master glove designer and builder at Wilson baseball. Shot over the course of a year in Japan, Chicago, Florida and Arizona, the film follows Also as he works to research, design, and distribute the custom baseball gloves to some of the best players in Major League Baseball. From the selection of premium leather in rural Japan, to the process of the gloves being made by hand, to personally working with players in the offseason at Wilson headquarters, to finally delivering the gloves in hand to the players at spring training, this film documents the entire process of the legendary Aso and gives a window into this master craftsman.

Directed by: Russell Brownley

Produced by: Summer Wright, Ryan Lough

Additional Camera by: Matt Lawless, Andrew Thompson

Edit by: Matthew Lawless

Color by: Matt Fezz

Music: Marmosett