Northwestern University One Acre Fund

A short documentary that I directed about One Acre Fund and their founder Andrew Youn. The film was made possible by Youn's Alumni, Kellogg University, on of the world's leading Leadership Schools. Co-founded by Andrew Youn ’06, One Acre Fund (OAF) supplies smallholder farmers with the financing and training as a means to grow their way out of hunger and poverty. Instead of giving handouts, OAF provides farmers with financing for farm inputs, improved seeds and fertilizer, agricultural training, and market facilitation to maximize harvest prices. Most importantly, OAF delivers these services within walking distance of the 400,000 farmers served by the organization. The program has proven impactful. On average, farmers increased their income by 50 percent within the first year of working with OAF. In 2015, nearly all farmers working with OAF repaid their loans in full and on time.

Agency: Furthermore By Equinox

Production Company: The Wuss Productions

Director: Russell Brownley

Producer: Summer Wright and Ryan Lough

Camera/Drone Operator: Andrew Thompson

Edit: Ryan Kendrick

Color: Matt Fezz

Music: Marmoset and Music Bed