Furthermore Nature’s Hidden Sport

A short film about Miami native Jason Gerrish and his career as a professional Tree Climber.

In many ways, tree climbing is similar to everyday life. “It’s a dynamic game, a puzzle where you have to make everything fit,” explains Gerrish. While it’s often a solo athletic endeavor, “you learn to be good at communicating in situations where others are on the ground.” At the end of the day, “we’re all one and some people argue trees are smarter than us,” notes Gerrish. “They have more genes; they’ve been here way longer than us. You have to appreciate and respect them just like any other being.”

Agency: Furthermore by Equinox
Creative Director: Ashley Heckman
Copyrighter: Brianna Wippman
Director: Nic Mclean
Producer: Summer Wright
Camera Operator: Andrew Thompson
Editor: Matthew Lawless
Color: Matt Fezz
Music: Marmosette